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A True Entrepreneur

A True Entrepreneur

There’s a man whose name is known,

A true entrepreneur, with a heart full-grown.

Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat, a man of many hats,

A true leader, whose impact spans many lands.


Born in the land of the Himalayas,

He dreamed of a future, that would amaze him.

He started young, with a vision so clear,

And his passion for entrepreneurship, grew year by year.


He founded companies, with a unique vision in mind,

And his innovative ideas, they left the world behind.

From real estate to healthcare, he’s made his mark,

And his impact on the world, it’s nothing but stark.


But his influence, it’s not just limited to business,

He’s a motivational speaker, whose words bring bliss.

His stories of success, inspire and motivate,

And his message, it’s one that we can’t understate.


For he’s a researcher, whose insights are profound,

And a product developer, whose creations astound.

He’s a storyteller, whose tales have no end,

And his wisdom, it’s something we can all befriend.


And for aspiring entrepreneurs, he’s developed a program,

The “90 Day MBE,” it’s nothing but a slam.

Master of Business Entrepreneurship, it’s the key,

To unlock your potential, and become what you want to be.


His teachings, they’re rooted in values and ethics,

And his approach, it’s one that’s free from any gimmicks.

He believes in hard work, perseverance, and more,

And his success story, it’s something we can all explore.


Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat, he’s not just a man,

He’s a true inspiration, whose impact spans.

His vision, his wisdom, and his achievements inspire,

And his legacy, it’s something we should all aspire to.


So let us honor him, for all that he’s done,

For being a true leader, a guiding sun.

For inspiring us to dream big, and work hard,

And for being a symbol of hope, in a world that’s often marred.

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