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A Self-Made Entrepreneur

A Self-Made Entrepreneur

In the land of snow-capped peaks and verdant valleys,

There lived a man who defied life’s alleys,

Bilal Ahmad Bhat, a self-made entrepreneur,

Whose success was nothing short of a conqueror?


With nothing but his will to succeed,

He began his journey, with a heart that would bleed,

For the obstacles were many, and the path was hard,

But he was determined and never let down his guard.


With each step, he learned, he grew, he evolved,

His vision was clear, his spirit resolved,

He took on every challenge, every hurdle that came,

And his success, his empire, would never be the same.


He started with a small idea and a lot of grit,

And his determination, nothing could ever quit,

He built his business, brick by brick,

And with his hard work, it began to click.


From real estate to healthcare, and more,

He expanded his horizons, to the very core,

His success, a true inspiration,

A story of hard work, and determination.


But his success, it wasn’t just about him,

It was also about his values, his vision so grim,

In building a business that was ethical and fair,

Of creating a world where people could share.


He believed in giving back, to his community,

And his philanthropy, was there for all to see,

From education to healthcare, he made a difference,

And his generosity was beyond all inference.


Bilal Ahmad Bhat, a man of many virtues,

Whose story, is a true inspiration, a cue,

To dream big, and work hard, and never give up,

For success, it’s all about persistence and faith.


And so, we honor him, for all that he’s done,

For being a true leader, for always being on the run,

For inspiring us to dream big and work hard,

And for being a beacon of hope, in a world that’s often scarred.


May his legacy continue to inspire,

And his impact on the world, never tires,

Bilal Ahmad Bhat is a true hero,

A man whose greatness, will always glow.

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